How to use

Launching Prelewd

Standalone Version

Run "run_prelewd.bat" or "run_prelewd_vr.bat" from the Prelewd installation directory depending on whether you want to launch in VR mode or not.


Steam Version


If you have the Steam version of Pragma, and you have installed Prelewd over it, you can simply choose "Launch VR in Steam VR Mode" when launching Pragma through Steam, and it'll automatically launch Prelewd in VR mode. Alternatively you can also launch Pragma through the SteamVR dashboard in your HMD.



To launch the non-VR version, navigate to Pragma's installation directory ("/steamapps/common/Pragma/") and run "run_prelewd.bat".


Using Prelewd

pragma_2020-10-31_07-33-56.pngAfter launching Prelewd, you should be greeted with the session explorer on the lefthand side. All of your installed Prelewd projections will be listed here. To launch an animation, simply double click it. Some projects include a pre-rendered video, some include a project for real-time simulation and some contain both. If both are available, you can switch between the pre-rendered video and the real-time simulation by switching between the "Video Player" and "Game Viewport" tabs. Double click the viewport to enabe fullscreen mode.

To change a character's skin or bodygroup, right-click into the viewport:


You can also change a character's model, but this requires that you create a retarget rig for it first. You can find more information on how to do that here. Any Source Engine model can be used for this; you can get custom models for example on the SFM workshop, or on SFMLab (you'll have to register an account to get access to NSFW models).

If you want to import your own SFM animations, you can follow this article.


Virtual Reality

The primary controller has the following button mappings:

Menu Button: Opens the Session Explorer

Trigger: Pauses or resumes the animation

Grip Button: Toggles between the real-time animation and the pre-rendered animation

The secondary controller currently has no function yet. Changing skins or bodygroups can only be done outside of VR for now, you can put off your HMD to switch to the non-VR mode, then put it back on to re-enable VR.