Creating a Prelewd Project

Prelewd is not an animation tool, if you want to create a Prelewd project, you will have to create an animation session with the Source Filmmaker first. In the future you will be able to create animations with the Pragma Filmmaker as well (which is included with Prelewd), but that is currently still work-in-progress.

Getting things ready

There are two important requirements for your SFM project: All transforms have to be unlocked and all rigs detached (if there are any), otherwise the animation will break during import. Both steps are very simple, you can find more information about it here.

Prelewd runs on the Pragma Game Engine, which is capable of automatically locating, importing and converting Source Engine asset files (models, materials, maps, etc.) to its own formats, which means no porting or copying is required. In some rare cases Pragma may have issues finding some of the asset files (e.g. if they're located in a custom usermod directory in SFM), in this case you can either manually copy the asset files to "Pragma/addons/imported", or open "Pragma/cfg/mounted_games.udm" and add a new entry so the Engine can locate the assets. For instance, if your assets are located in "common/SourceFilmmaker/game/custom/", locate the "sfm" entry in "mounted_games.udm", then add the path to the "game_paths" list.

Creating a new Project

Launch Prelewd and select "File" -> "New" from the menu bar. A file dialog window will open, enter a project name into the "File name" field and press "Save". A new window with the project settings should appear on the left. Fill in the following fields:



Import SFM Session

To import your SFM animation, click the "Import SFM Session" button, select the .dmx session file and click "open".

Depending on the size and complexity of the session, the import process may take a very long time, as all of the assets used in the session will have to be converted first. Pragma may appear frozen while this is happening.
If Pragma crashes during this process, simply restart and try again.

Once the SFM animation has been imported, the "PFM Project Location" field should be filled in automatically. If you have specified a map, you can press "Load map" to load/import it. This may also take some time.

Now simply select "File" -> "Save" from the menu bar to save the project settings, and the project should appear in the session explorer when you refresh it (click in the "Location" field and press return). To edit a project in the future, load it by double-clicking it in the session explorer, then select "Windows" -> "Project Editor" from the menu bar.

Best Practices

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